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HAUSEN RESOURCE PTY LTD is a Hong Kong energy company established on November 16, 2009. Since its establishment, the company has been constantly adjusting its structure in line with the market changes, making sharp responses to the service needs of different customers, and striving to provide customers with the most satisfactory goods and services based on the principle of quality first and excellent service.

Our History


The initial mother company Chinomaterials Pty Ltd was founded in Hongkong, investing in minerals, metals, coal, metallurgical materials and other industry related materials worldwide.

2011 - After 10 years of experience

In 2011 the company has promoted its strategic transformation through merging and acquisition, from the traditional trading company into a resource-based comprehensive enterprise group. The business has integrated from exploration, mining to products processing and finance. Hausenresource has diversified and integrated its business of supplying upstream and downstream products.

2015 - Partner with Xinjiang Baihuacun LTD

In 2015, Hausenresource formed a strategic joint venture with Xinjiang Bai Hua cun Co., a listed company approved by the China Stock Exchange. Hausenresource has three main business segments: non-ferrous metals, metals mining and mining production. These three core business segments combine to form the company’s industrial chain, which has become an important economic driving force.

Time is the deposit of experience - Value of the History

Our Contributions

Industries We Serve!

The company is mainly engaged in the procurement and sales of non-ferrous metals, metal minerals, iron ore, manganese ore, chromium ore, thermal coal, nickel ore, nickel products, coke, ferroalloy, scrap steel and other products.

Hausenresource has entered Rio Tinto’s agreement in 2009, invested in a mine project in Australia and began selling iron
ore in 2012. In terms of trade, the company has obtained long-term cooperation with mines in India and Australia over 500 million tones per annum. 

Due to the vigorous development of the company’s import business the company has also been supported by many Banks. After investigation and evaluation of Banks,
Hausenresources has obtained credit lines from BNP PARIBAS GENEVA, DBS, UOB,
STANDARD BANK and other Banks.

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